I had thought, early in my life, that I went in search of God, but found that he was in search of me.  Long before I went to pray, he was there waiting.

Julian of Norwich has many wise things to say when it comes to drawing close to God.  'So we ought to learn at least this much in life, that if only we trust in God, then He can do great things with us, however inadequate others think we are or we may feel ourselves to be'.

So my journey in faith has been one of being surprised by God's grace and love.

I went to Westcott House Theological College in Cambridge for 3 years and have served in parishes in the south for 30 years.  My degree is in mathematics and have kept my interest in science, enjoy all kinds of weather, played for Kent at chess, when I was a boy, love to walk, go to the gym, enjoy reading and storytelling.  I am married to Pauline and we have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

At present I am Officer for Prayer and Spirituality in the Diocese of Chester and Vicar of St. Paul's Church, Helsby and St. Luke's Church, Dunham on the Hill.

Vicar - St Pauls Helsby


Reverend Graham Green